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I have been pet sitting for 35 years. I have been a Veterinary nurse assistant and kennel attendant since 1998. I am also certified in The American Red Cross' Pet First Aid and CPR training.
Why do I pet sit?

Besides loving animals, I feel Iím an excellent animal caretaker and will care for your pets as if they were my own. Their health and well being is of the utmost importance.   I believe stress-free care is whatís best for your pet. I also am great at monitoring your petís health, and administering medications if needed.
I like being able to allow a pet's owners to go away on a trip without worrying about their pets.  Knowing I'm giving them peace of mind, makes my job enjoyable.

Iíve been loving and caring for animals all of my life!

I also pet sit so I can devote most of my time to my animal rescue efforts.  If you choose my services, not only is your pet in excellent hands, you are also helping to support animals in need. A portion of all profits helps fund our rescue, and spaying and neutering efforts, through Conrad Strays Cat Rescue and Adoption. This is a non-profit, cage-less, no-kill rescue organization that I founded.  I have fostered and found homes for thousands of cats and kittens, and 4 dogs!

Meet my new baby and my pet sitting partner!  I waited my whole life for my German Shepherd puppy and I decided this is the year!  She was born 1-25-10 and her name is Harley.  German Shepherds are very smart and they need a job to do.  Her job is to be my assistant and go on my pet sitting rounds.  She get's very excited when I say "let's go to work"!  She also loves long walks and going to work with me at Orchard Animal Clinic.  She helps with all of my duties and adds a little spunk to our day.  Mom is excited because we will be starting obedience training this fall.  No more pulling on the leash Harley!  Oh, I almost forgot.... Harley also helps by being my assistant and fellow volunteer with Conrad Strays Cat Rescue and Adoption, Inc.  She even helps me take cats to Petsmart and waits so patiently for me to get them set up.

4 months old

8 weeks old

5 months old visiting family in Missouri

5 months old in Missouri at one of my favorite places ever and where I worked for a while.  Missouri Department of Conservation -Busch Wildlife Area

This guy......well he's the absolute LOVE of my LIFE!  He's my Smokey and boy does he make my heart smile.  Please read more about him here.  He's my character and I adore him.  He's not spoiled or anything!!  Did I mention how much I love him?